The Perfect Wine For Your Boss is Broadside


Buying the perfect wine for your boss around the holidays is never easy. First of all, you think, “I’m not getting paid enough to be buying extra gifts.” Then you think, “If I don’t get my boss the perfect gift, I’m pretty sure they’ll subconsciously hate me, and then I’ll lose my job” (panic ensues).

When in doubt, go with booze. I’m pretty sure Santa goes by that FYI. That’s why I got my boss Broadside Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles. I chose this wine because it is classic enough to be approachable for most people, but also special in that it’s artisanal and not your usual “Napa Cab.”

This Broadside, has those Cab Sauv qualities most people like (rich, dark, a little tannic), but is surprisingly subtle, balanced and not overpowered by oak and fruit flavors.

If you’re a lowly assistant like me, you probably aren’t rolling in the Benjamins. The great thing about this wine? $20 a bottle. BOOM.

Now to write the card…