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“The Interestings” and Proof Wine Collective

The Interestings

I picked up “The Interestings” at the LA Times Festival of Books a while back and have enjoyed escaping into Meg Wolitzer’s intricate, human, and damn funny world. “The Interestings” starts in the summer of 1974 with a group of 15 year-olds huddled together in a teepee at an art camp called Spirit in the Woods. This newly formed crew vows to fulfill their creative destinies as grown ups, calling themselves “The Interestings.” In their trajectory into adulthood, as it does for many, creative dreams work out for some, and not for others. Wolitzer’s humorous and witty take at what it means to face reality as an adult makes for a great read. Add a glass of wine from a bottle designed by Proof Wine Collective and you’ve reached perfection.

My wine pairing with “The Interestings” has nothing to do with the actual wine, but rather the bottle. I look to Proof Wine Collective, a very hip design company that creates killer wine packaging and labels. San Luis Obispo based Proof Wine Collective started with wino artists Josh McFadden and Philip Muzzy, who make true works of art out of their wine bottles.



Angeles Forest Hike and Underwood Pinot Gris

Angeles Forest Hike and Underwood Pinot Gris

Let’s talk about the Angeles Forest and some good ol’ Pinot Gris.

This past Sunday, the boy and I decided to take a trek out to the Angeles Forest for a morning hike to the Cooper Canyon Waterfalls, a 700 foot descent totaling in a 2 mile hike round trip. When we reached the waterfall, we sat down on a few boulders, unwrapped our turkey sandwiches and cracked open our cans of Underwood Pinot Gris. Drinking on the go was never easier…uh-oh.

Angeles Forest Hike and Underwood Pinot Gris

Delicious Oregon wine in a can is exactly what’s RIGHT with the food & beverage industry. Unpretentious, no frills wine for people who just want a good quality drink. Union Wine Company is the mastermind behind Underwood and came up with the packaging due to one of their outdoorsy employees. He found that lugging heaving bottles from different locations was a chore, and Union Winos brainstormed what a lighter wine container for their product could look like. Thus, their wine can was born: perfect for thru-hikers and weekend warriors alike.

What I love about Union Wine Company is their strict “pinkies down” rule. This doesn’t stray away from how quality their wine is. The Pinot Gris was perfect, especially after cooling it in the waterfall.

IMG_0617 (1)

The Madonna Inn with their very own White Zinfandel

Madonna Inn

You should force yourself to get out of town every once in awhile. When you live in a city that’s a bubble like Los Angeles it seems mandatory.  We gathered a fun group of girls, travelled up to San Luis Obispo, and stayed at a place that has long been on my wish list: The Madonna Inn.  It is as weird as the pictures you find of it and being there to experience this coastline gem filled me with wonder and astonishment.

 Though we never leave town unprepared, we discovered the Madonna Inn has their own “private label” of wine that they sell at their Gourmet and Wine shop.  We thought, “what the hell, let’s give it a try.”  When most people say that they don’t like rosé, they are thinking of pink wine that is sweet, comes from California, and is called White Zinfandel.  Madonna Inn might be the only ones still proudly selling this saccharine shit, so our fate was obvious: pink place with pink drink.

Madonna Inn Wine

In retrospect, I learned a lesson.  Do as the Romans do, but only if the act does not fill you with regret and give you a pounding headache the next day.  Oh, and do try their cake, it is delicious. Til next time Madonna Inn.