Our Story

June Kim & Katie Vonderheide

GRAPEJUICE all started in Los Angeles, spring of 2013 by two winos turned friends, June Kim and Katie Vonderheide. Through their work at a wine store in Silverlake, June and Katie found themselves recommending wine for every occasion, whether it be a bottle for a housewarming, wine for summer concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, the perfect wine for meeting the parents for the first time, or the best pairing of wine with food. While it is most common to pair wine with a meal, they discovered how wine can enhance more then just the flavors of foods. Life has its own flavor too and we want to enjoy it as much as possible, right? So, through extensive research (tasting A LOT of wine) these young women bring you wine pairings for many things in life like music, art, milestones, or places.

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In the world of food and wine, there’s nothing we won’t try.