Holiday Shopping at Home with Pleiades XXIII


While the weather outside is not particularly frightening I would say, however, that the holiday shopping crowd is.  Forecast called for a cyclonic flurry of people searching for the perfect gifts, one that I did not wish to find myself in this year.  I opted to stay in the comfort of my home with a little wine to match my digital search for perfect gifts.

Sean Thackrey’s Pleiades XXIII is an old vine blend that may as well have a question mark on the label.  The blend changes every year and drinkability never wavers.  It’s fun to put some faith in this unusual winemaker.

Shopping seems like an endless task sans alcoholic beverage but with this interesting, vibrant and earthy red wine I didn’t mind it so much. A note to the good folks I was shopping for three glasses in: it’s the thought that counts. Happy holidays!