Bäco Mercat with Bow & Arrow

Baco Mercat

We went to Bäco Mercat after a lovely afternoon of taking photos for Grapejuice.  What to pair with the spirit at this LA fave?  We decided on Bow &  Arrow Pinot Noir Medici Vineyard 2011 coming out of Portland, OR.  Both the food and the drink embody something that is new, exciting and delicious.

Pinot Noir tends to be a safe wine to pair with a variety of food. It’s a nice “when in doubt” wine. This family owned winery makes one that is out of the ordinary (if your ordinary is rich California Pinots). The wine and the food stood side by side in harmony.  Mellow and simple yet complex flavors and no disappointment all around.  Initially we said, “OK, we’re going to have a light lunch and just one drink then call it a night”.  Forget that.

Baco Mirror

This also brings up a thought we will address in the future:
Bringing your own wine into restaurants, yay or nay? We’d love to hear your thoughts!