Laundry with Elvio Tintero Grangia


I feel like no one would give you shifty eyes if you are drinking Grangia at a laundromat mid-day. Let’s face it… you’re probably the most normal person there right now. And on top of it, this italian wine is made for any-time-of-the-day drinking. Though I might classify this one as another PBO (paper bag optional).

Laundry Wine I

The alcohol is fairly low in this bottle and it is young, fresh, crisp, and slightly effervescent.  Laundry day, you just got a lot more fun.  Though I realize any wine would enhance this experience, because doing laundry is a dumb chore, the right wine makes it stellar.

This grape juice is 50% Favorita, 25% Moscato, %20 Arneis, and %5 Chardonnay