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Angeles Forest Hike and Underwood Pinot Gris

Angeles Forest Hike and Underwood Pinot Gris

Let’s talk about the Angeles Forest and some good ol’ Pinot Gris.

This past Sunday, the boy and I decided to take a trek out to the Angeles Forest for a morning hike to the Cooper Canyon Waterfalls, a 700 foot descent totaling in a 2 mile hike round trip. When we reached the waterfall, we sat down on a few boulders, unwrapped our turkey sandwiches and cracked open our cans of Underwood Pinot Gris. Drinking on the go was never easier…uh-oh.

Angeles Forest Hike and Underwood Pinot Gris

Delicious Oregon wine in a can is exactly what’s RIGHT with the food & beverage industry. Unpretentious, no frills wine for people who just want a good quality drink. Union Wine Company is the mastermind behind Underwood and came up with the packaging due to one of their outdoorsy employees. He found that lugging heaving bottles from different locations was a chore, and Union Winos brainstormed what a lighter wine container for their product could look like. Thus, their wine can was born: perfect for thru-hikers and weekend warriors alike.

What I love about Union Wine Company is their strict “pinkies down” rule. This doesn’t stray away from how quality their wine is. The Pinot Gris was perfect, especially after cooling it in the waterfall.

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Summer Porch Drinking and La Boutanche Sauvignon Blanc

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Wait, is it September? Is summer already over? Is my life flashing before my eyes? The older I get, the quicker seasons go by. I feel like I’ll blink and there will be Christmas tinsel and trinkets everywhere. Life in your late-twenties folks, you’re acutely aware of how fast life moves. SIGH.

In my denial of summer ending, I decided to crack open a refreshing bottle of La Boutanche Sauvignon Blanc on the porch. Let’s talk about why this wine is sure to lift you out of your “end of summer blues.” Firstly, take a look. A little closer. Yes, you are correct. The label has a drawing of a fish seemingly dressed as some sort of Echo Park hipster pouring wine all over its head, because that’s how fish drink french wine, duh. Secondly, this La Boutanche is that perfect thirst quenching bottle of crisp and citrusy white wine to fight Los Angeles summer heat. I mean, we’re in a drought folks, let’s hold off on the water.

La Boutanche Summer Porch

Imported by Selection Massale, La Boutanche hails from Loire Valley in France, which has to be one of my favorite regions for wine. Winemaker Frantz Saumon is responsible for this little gem, and has been making wine since the early 2000s, harvesting grapes from his own land in Montlouis. Super small production and carefully crafted wine for $15.

Enjoy folks, and cheers to the end of summer.


Beach with Arco Nova Vinho Verde

Beach Wine I

Often times, I feel the ever returning itch to leave the city. Not that I don’t love LA, but the smog and traffic make me feel like a crazy person. So with that, a quick trip to San Diego was the ticket, which by the way, took 4 hours to get to. Traffic literally follows me everywhere. The only thing keeping me sane was the light at the end of the tunnel: a clean beach free of bums and syringes. I’m looking at you Venice.

I decided to pick up a bottle of Arca Nova Vinho Verde for my beach excursion. This bottle is spritzy, crisp, portuguese perfection that’s made in the Minho region of Portugal. Vinho verde literally translates to “green wine.” To me, vinho verde literally translates to “adult lemonade that goes down too easy.” We like to define this kind of wine as “highly crushable.”

Fingers crossed for many more mini escapes in 2014.

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