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Summer Porch Drinking and La Boutanche Sauvignon Blanc

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Wait, is it September? Is summer already over? Is my life flashing before my eyes? The older I get, the quicker seasons go by. I feel like I’ll blink and there will be Christmas tinsel and trinkets everywhere. Life in your late-twenties folks, you’re acutely aware of how fast life moves. SIGH.

In my denial of summer ending, I decided to crack open a refreshing bottle of La Boutanche Sauvignon Blanc on the porch. Let’s talk about why this wine is sure to lift you out of your “end of summer blues.” Firstly, take a look. A little closer. Yes, you are correct. The label has a drawing of a fish seemingly dressed as some sort of Echo Park hipster pouring wine all over its head, because that’s how fish drink french wine, duh. Secondly, this La Boutanche is that perfect thirst quenching bottle of crisp and citrusy white wine to fight Los Angeles summer heat. I mean, we’re in a drought folks, let’s hold off on the water.

La Boutanche Summer Porch

Imported by Selection Massale, La Boutanche hails from Loire Valley in France, which has to be one of my favorite regions for wine. Winemaker Frantz Saumon is responsible for this little gem, and has been making wine since the early 2000s, harvesting grapes from his own land in Montlouis. Super small production and carefully crafted wine for $15.

Enjoy folks, and cheers to the end of summer.


Christmas with Charles Joguet Clos de la Dioterie

Christmas Wine Charles Joguet

Merry Christmas Grapejuice readers!

For this season’s holiday, I wanted to showcase a wine that is worthy of this glorious day. Pour yourself a glass and you will feel instantly warm and fuzzy inside. Yes, I realize that most wines give you this feeling, but I assure you, this wine is perfect!

This grape juice is 100% Cabernet Franc, from Chinon, France and is one of my personal favorites. Notes of spice, black currant, and anise make for a deep and expressive wine, perfect for all things Christmas: coziness by the fire, family time, and extravagant meals.

Made by Domaine Charles Joguet, Chinon and Charles Joguet are synonymous. Ella Fitzgerald to Jazz. Michael Jackson to Pop. You get the picture. He has created techniques that have become common practice in Chinon. Separating terroirs and separating years, he is the master of single-vineyard.

This wine is pure, traditional, delicate, and lovely. To me, it is just like Christmas day. Happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

Santa's House