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Folk Machine Tocai Friulano with Wild Belle

Folk Machine Tocai Friulano

Alas, the weather is getting warmer and I’ve been listening to Wild Belle’s Isles album on repeat.

 Listening to Wild Belle makes you feel like you are supposed to be on some sort of island beach in a tropical, psychedelic haze. Now add a glass of Folk Machine Tocai Friulano to the mix and we’ve got the perfect summer day. Folk Machine Tocai Friulano, is a super crisp, citrusy white with bold tropical fruit notes.

Folk Machine Tocai Friulano is the brainchild of Thai-American “skateboarder gone winemaker” Kenny Likitprakong. He makes non-traditional, unique and edgy lineup of wines. We think this wine is just the ticket for a hot summer day with Wild Belle.