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Joshua Tree and Whiskey Hot Chocolate


Ain’t it a beauty? Joshua Tree. The desert Dr. Seuss illustration that never was, it is a stunning, funky looking place. I love coming to Joshua Tree on weekends because it’s so close to LA, but couldn’t be a more different environment.¬†After days of traffic, smog, and chia¬†seeds (or whatever people in LA are eating these days), an escape to Joshua Tree is the perfect getaway.

This past year I’ve been camping a lot more than I have in the past, and my boyfriend always brings around an odd, but satisfying fireside drink. Whiskey and hot chocolate! I thought it was a weird concoction at first, but now it’s synonymous with camping to me. I know, a detour from wine, but sometimes winos drink whiskey too!

Whiskey Hot Chocolate Joshua Tree

Pictured is my lovely friend Christine, “candidly” drinking our campside whiskey and hot chocolate.