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New Year’s Eve and Bubbly

New Year's Eve 1 bubbly wine

It’s 2014 party people!

For New Year’s Eve, I chose two bottles of bubbles. I mean, you go a little bigger on New Year’s Eve, right? That’s why I chose an elegant champagne to start off the night with and a super cheap sparkling wine to end with. Since we all get a little tipsy as the clock get closer to midnight, it’s important to drink the good bubbly wine first!

I shared a beautiful bottle of J. Lassalle champagne with a few friends early in the night. It was important to start the new year with this wine particularly because it’s created by strong women. In fact, the Lassalle family go by “une femme, un esprit, un style” meaning “one woman, one spirit, one style.” The perfect phrase to live 2014 by!

The second bottle needs no explanation. Cook’s. You may have remembered drinking this in the blurry college days. Hangover included.

New Year's Eve bubbly wine


Christmas with Charles Joguet Clos de la Dioterie

Christmas Wine Charles Joguet

Merry Christmas Grapejuice readers!

For this season’s holiday, I wanted to showcase a wine that is worthy of this glorious day. Pour yourself a glass and you will feel instantly warm and fuzzy inside. Yes, I realize that most wines give you this feeling, but I assure you, this wine is perfect!

This grape juice is 100% Cabernet Franc, from Chinon, France and is one of my personal favorites. Notes of spice, black currant, and anise make for a deep and expressive wine, perfect for all things Christmas: coziness by the fire, family time, and extravagant meals.

Made by Domaine Charles Joguet, Chinon and Charles Joguet are synonymous. Ella Fitzgerald to Jazz. Michael Jackson to Pop. You get the picture. He has created techniques that have become common practice in Chinon. Separating terroirs and separating years, he is the master of single-vineyard.

This wine is pure, traditional, delicate, and lovely. To me, it is just like Christmas day. Happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

Santa's House


Pheasant’s Tears – Saperavi with Break up


Break ups. We’ve all gone through them, and we know the following to be true, wine helps. We’ve found the perfect match for a breakup bottle. Dark, moody, and a little rough around the edges, Pheasant’s Tears – Saperavi is that post-break up “screw you” bottle of wine.

Pheasant’s Tears comes from the village of Tibaani, in Eastern Georgia and is 100% Saperavi grape.

Notes of black fruit give it enough sweetness to balance out the dry, tannic quality making it almost bittersweet, just like a breakup. This wine is so dark in color, Saperavi means “black” in native Georgian. Clearly, this break up is fresh.