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Mother’s Day and J. Lassalle Champagne

Champagne and mother's day

It’s Mother’s Day ya’ll.

One day in the year where you can try to appease the deeply ingrained guilt you feel over putting your lovely, patient mama through the hell and idiocy of your teenage years.  Champagne, anyone?

J. Lassalle Champagne

As I was looking at my vivacious mother today with the smiley wrinkles around her eyes, I hoped to be as much of a beautiful soul as she is one day. I’m sure you feel the same about your mother, which is why we should all get along and drink some bubbly already.

A while back, I wrote about J. Lassalle champagne for New Year’s because I wanted to showcase a wine created by strong women. I think this wine is perfect for Mother’s Day as well. Jules Lassalle created the label in 1942, and when he passed away in 1982, he gave the reigns over to his wife Olga and his daughters.

I’m wishing strong mothers everywhere a very happy and hopefully bubbly day today. My sister and I decided to treat our special lady of the day to a mani pedi, while my dad got the flowers and card.




New Year’s Eve and Bubbly

New Year's Eve 1 bubbly wine

It’s 2014 party people!

For New Year’s Eve, I chose two bottles of bubbles. I mean, you go a little bigger on New Year’s Eve, right? That’s why I chose an elegant champagne to start off the night with and a super cheap sparkling wine to end with. Since we all get a little tipsy as the clock get closer to midnight, it’s important to drink the good bubbly wine first!

I shared a beautiful bottle of J. Lassalle champagne with a few friends early in the night. It was important to start the new year with this wine particularly because it’s created by strong women. In fact, the Lassalle family go by “une femme, un esprit, un style” meaning “one woman, one spirit, one style.” The perfect phrase to live 2014 by!

The second bottle needs no explanation. Cook’s. You may have remembered drinking this in the blurry college days. Hangover included.

New Year's Eve bubbly wine