Meet Noah Dorrance from Banshee Wines

Noah Dorrance is one of three founders of an awesome winery in Healdsburg, Northern California, called Banshee Wines. Noah personally makes the wines for the label, and let me tell you, these wines are not to be missed. Balanced, approachable, and a steal when it comes to quality vs. price. Noah specializes in being super charming and having a smile that belongs in Orbit gum commercials, as seen below.

Noah Dorrance

Where are you from?

Noah: Springfield, MO.  Home of Brad Pitt and Bass Pro Shops.

If you could pair any of your wines with an experience, album, movie, piece of art, etc. what would you pair and why?

N: Aside from the obvious food pairings, I am totally into music.  We pour Banshee at a number of music festivals such as Outside Lands in San Francisco.  So I would say a warm September afternoon at an outdoor concert in the park or at the Greek in Berkeley.

When you’re not in the wineries making that good stuff, what do you like to do for fun?

N: Probably too many different things for my own good:  the aforementioned live music, golf, running, eating and the whole Banshee crew has a bit of a swimming fetish.  We stop all the time at rivers, creeks, beaches, lakes and even reservoirs located in some vineyards we source from.

If you cook, what’s your favorite dish to make at home and what do you pair it with?

N: Roast chicken and our Sonoma County Pinot Noir or fish tacos and our Banshee Rose of Pinot.

One perk of being involved in the wine industry is the ability to travel for work. What was one of your best travel experiences with wine?

N: I’ve spent a lot of time in Spain, Italy and France trying to learn more and widen my own wine experience.  One time we were with Raventos i Blanc in Spain.  Stunning property with such an amazing heritage.  We had a number of spectacular meals with them and our last day with them they brought us on a bike tour in Barcelona that ended at the beach.  Being swimming aficionados, one of my business partners snuck off and bought us all FC Barcelona speedos.  All 7 guys put them on and pranced down to the beach for a swim to the horror of the other beach-goers.  Best time ever!

Where’s your favorite place to grab a bite to eat or have a drink in Los Angeles?

N: Salt’s Cure.  One of the best, most inventive places in LA.

Banshee Wines Banshee Wines

Thanks, Noah!

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