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Sunday Brunch with Secco Italian Bubbles

Sunday Brunch with Secco Italian Bubbles

I admit it. Sometimes I’m a label whore. I was instantly drawn to this bottle because the label looked so festive, and let’s be honest, just damn cute. Lucky for us, this blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Raboso Piave with the name Secco Italian Bubbles is light, dry and perfect for Sunday brunch. Subtle flavors packed into tiny bubbles makes for a likeable sparkling wine that works on its own, or with a splash of fresh squeezed citrus.

In a collaboration with Charles Smith, this is made by winemakers Ginevra and Olivia Casa. From Rome, these lovely ladies always had a love for sparkles and created their own winery. The grapes come from an area called Veneto, in Northeast Italy. Veneto is known for its easy drinking, sparkling wine.

Sunday Brunch

I brought this bottle of bubbly over to my friend Lewis’ place in Silverlake. His home is notoriously known as the “bungaLew” where he used to run a supper club. This bottle quickly disappeared, along with Lewis’ delicious chicken and potatoes.